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Magufuli's Tanzania; New Era For Africa Here At Last

By Masondore Masinde, Montreal, 20-12-2018: 

REBIRTH of the new Africa we waited for so long is looming. The Africa that no longer entrusts its future in the hands of others but in own hands. Tanzania’s President John Pombe Magufuli is on record to pioneer this millennial achievement. This has been a “wanted” attitude in transforming Africa.

“Initially, funds for the construction of this road was expected to be provided by our development partners in futile. We realized that the project delayed because of the donor’s attached conditions. We reasoned, for a sovereign state which is accountable, development projects cannot be delayed by aid. In fact, a poor man’s capital is his strength,” said President Magufuli when inaugurating an eight lane road from Dar es Salaam to the Coast region.

It is the lack of this realization, that a poor man’s capital is his strength, that has made Africa become the only dependent continent on earth. Now, Tanzania’s President has answers for the future of Tanzania’s development trajectory, likely to influence others on the continent.

Most countries thought their development would proceed from the West’s tax payers. There is no miracle. Tax was the main source. Apart from tax sources, the West has been exploiting naivety of African countries to amass wealth which they return in a form of aid and loans. Awareness is growing.

”We have been able to realize all these development milestones using our own local resources, when our development partners dragged their feet from financing this development project, we had to mobilize local resources to ensure it is implemented,” reveals President Magufuli.

He has been implementing reforms targeting to enhance his country’s internal capacities since he came to power in 2015. The multi-billion projects were implemented in Tanzania.

Hesitancy of the development partners to fund the 8 lane road project at TSh 140.5 Billion (US$61.5 M) is vividly a blessing in disguise. Apart from inculcating a new culture of self-reliance, DrMagufuli now constructs a wider road, spanning to eight (8) lanes instead of the four (4) earmarked for funding by the country’s development partners.

This is the beauty of controlling your own destiny. This is what Africa needs. Ending slavery mentality and takingup the future in own hands is a way to go. This way, the continent will, eventually compete with the old world.

Africa needs to appreciate the value of planning and implementing own development the way they want it rather than planning out of other’s pockets, begging to implement their wishes, it is dehumanizing. This is a new chapter for Sub Saharan Africa. It marks a very important milestone in Africa’s development plans.

“It has never happened in Tanzania’s recent history to set aside such huge sums of money just for Dar es Salaam roads…, we want to make Tanzania the best and this is just the beginning,” he assures.
Dr. Magufuli was laying a foundation stone for the expansion of the 19.2km, 8 lane strategic highway, stretching from Kimara, Dar es Salaam to Kibaha MailiMbili in the Coast Province. This road is crucial for Tanzania’s economy.

                Decongesting Dar With a Dramatic Sea Suspension Bridge

Dr. Magufuli, renowned for walking his talk, the bulldozer, unveiled on Thursday his other plan for the business capital, Dar es Salaam, a gateway for the country’s economic prosperity.

He says, his administration is determined to decongest the business capital, Dar es Salaam. His plans were not without empirical evidence. His science background makes him a man of few words and many actions. He is possessed with results. Africa needs similar results-oriented leaders.

In rapid transport facilities, Tanzania is the only east African nation with the most ultra-modern commuter transport system. The neighboring countries have continued to learn from. Therefore, the 8-lane highway is not the only decongesting pathway.

Dr. Magufuli thus inaugurated a construction of the sea-bypass, a 1.32 km long sea bridge across the Indian Ocean with a stretch of about 5 km of roads from Agakhan Hospital on Barack Obama Road and at the junctions of Kenyatta and Toure roads. 

This project tops the list of the initiatives likely to transform the city’s scenery. It is the Selander Bridge, a US$126 million bypass that has been contracted for construction to a South Korean Engineering firm, GS Construction Company.

These are serious infrastructural projects. President Magufulilaid a foundation stone for the project. In July this year (2018), Dr. Magufuli and South Korean Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon witnessed the signing of the contract.

The Tanzania Roads Agency (TANROADS) and executives of South Korean GS Construction Company represented the two partner states in the signing ceremony.

The project is likely to boost Tanzania’s economy, particularly in activities in the city, spurring growth in other economic sectors. The construction is expected to be completed by 2020. 

The Selander suspension bridge is the first of its own in east and central Africa, apart from Nyerere Bridge in Kigamboni in Dar esSalaam, that stretches 685 metres, making it one of the three longest suspension bridges in Africa.

It is the longest suspension bridge in east Africa and the third in Africa. The leading suspension bridge in Africa is Maputo-Catembe Bridge in Mozambique. It is followed by the 6th October Bridge in Cairo, Egypt. It is an elevated highway of 20.5 km long.

The US$135 million (Sh290 billion)Nyerere Bridge, was commissioned by President Magufuli in 2016. The bridge has ever since increased a number of tourists in the city, including high profile leaders like former Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki.

Selander Bridge, Nyerere Bridge and the expansion of Morogoro Road to eight laneswere only some of several projects that the Tanzanian government implements to decongest traffic in the business capital.

Other projects the Government of Dr.  Magufuli initiated to decongest traffic snarl-ups in the city include the $45 million TAZARA flyover and the $80 million, three-storeyUbungoRoad Interchange.

                   Managing Financial Losses from Traffic Congestion

Dr. Magufuli has been keen in resolving development challenges. Development was his number one priority. Past studies established that an estimated 65,000 vehicles – including 6,000 upcountry and transnational buses entering and leaving the city – use theUbungopassage daily.

An estimated TSh4 billion (US$ 173.9 million) loss is incurred every day from traffic jams in Dar es Salaam. Workers spend hours on their way to workplaces and environmental pollution causes conditions such as cancer which cost huge sums of money to treat.

Dr. Magufuli is focused to ensure this loss is managed. Tanzania is among the five African countries with the fastest growing economies in Africa. It is also named by the Harvard’s Center for International Development (CID) as the fourth fastest growing economies in the world for the next decade.



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